This is a Portfolio Website, customizable in almost every respect. You have to login in the back-end to customize all its content.

The intro section can be changed in height and can be assigned any image as background

My Portfolio

An example of a photographer portfolio. You can add as many pictures as you wish, set their location, give them a title, a short and a long description. The long description appears when you click on an image. Pictures are dynamically loaded when you scroll. This way the web-site is always kept responsive.



Blue on Yellow

A close-up of a beautfiful flower


They anchor in a placid sea

A Beach with palm trees

On the ocean Hawaiian Beach


photo taken in a park

Red Leaves

in Autumn

Powerful Ocean

A man at work

plowing the ground under rain


Blue Eyes

Grasses in a field

Winter Sunset

photo taken in Italy


Beautiful colors and details

About me

I develop applications for the web. This application is a portfolio website, with a backend to customize all its contents and its appearence. You can choose among three color schemes and you can add descriptions, titles to every item. The website has four sections, each of which customizable from the back-end. The user must login in order to modify the website, in a similar fashion of some content management website such as Word-press. The template for this web site is free for personal and commercial use and was provided by HTML5 Up. I have programmed the BackEnd and the FrontEnd in Asp.Net Web Core 2. I have adapted the original template and added features like lazy loading of pictures and light-box. If you are interested in such website, please contact us.


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