This is an internet Shop written in Asp.Net Core 2 + Ajax, javascript and Bootstrap

The features of it are many:

On the front-end site:

the user can view the list of products, filter by category, Add Products to cart and complete the order process

The cart allows products quantities to be changed or any product line to be removed

Products have stocks and may have a discount price

Taxes are also included in the calculation of price

There is also calculation of delivery cost based on the country to which the products are shipped. delivery costes are based on a fixed cost and on a cost per item. It is easily possible to implement a cost per kg

Customers may also register during the checkout process. There is a back End panel for users, showing their Shipping and Billing Addresses and their recent orders

When an order is completed a message is sent to the customer email address with the details of the order

On the Administartion Back-end site:

You can create, remove, edit categories. You can associate a front page image to a category so that it will appear in the carousel of the site on the home page

You can change delivery costes and define new tax models to be associated with the products

You can search products, add new ones, edit them and deactivate them

You can change multiple products stocks at the same time

You can list, search orders. Each order can be edited and shipping information are shown in order to prepare shipping.

You can refund orders, list and search refunds. When refunding you can make partial refunds and decide whether to refund shipping costes

You can see statistics or orders for the last days, weeks, months, years

You can see an accounting page with statistics showing your revenue and your taxes in the given periods. You also have graphs to show the trend of orders and refunds

if you are inrested in such website or you need we design one for you please contact us